Sunday, January 3, 2010


So, right before we left for Dallas, I managed to get a last-minute curtain project done. I was excited to work on them because we have had NO window coverings in the living room and kitchen since we moved in August. I decided it was time for curtains after our neighbors, who haven't been over since we decorated, commented on how nice our holiday decs were. I thought perhaps it was time for a little privacy....

First, we have a GIGANTO window bloc in the temporary solution was to put up simple curtains. My plan is to get two thick ribbons to tie the curtains up so that some light can come in.

This is the window over the sink that matches EXACTLY with our neighbor's window. If we have our kitchen and livingroom windows open, our neighbors can actually see all the way through our house! This curtain will also be tied up so that I won't get dishwater all over it. I was going for simple--these are essentially folded-over pillowcases on mini curtain rods that were already here. I lined them for added light blocking and so that they would be reversible. The backs are a beautiful, crisp white. Turns out that white was also beneficial b/c it had a diamond pattern on it in a GRAPH, which made sewing and cutting about a billion times easier!!

Same curtain idea, different fabric. My camera (and its operator!) sucks, so I couldn't get a close up of the fabric, but it's actually a beautiful shimmery gold/tan color with dark brown/black 'slubs' in's supposed to look like silk, although i'm fairly certain it's synthetic. The rod's a bit bent--I hope to get a 'fancier' looking one put up soon. This curtain will have a bow to gather it around the middle, again to let in light. It's the same double-sided design as the kitchen.

I also have curtains for our room and my office to put up--the backing (plain white) will go in our room and I have the coolest, funkiest fabric for my office. I'm really excited. I bought a couple extra yards of my funky fabric, so I might try to make a roman shade and see how it goes.

It was a lot of fabric, BUT joann's was having a 1/2 off all clearance sale, so everything was $3/yard!! (I think the silky stuff was $3.50).

Overall, I think these curtains turned out even better than my last curtains and I think I'm getting the hang of this sewing thing. I'd like to start doing more complicated projects sometime though. Right now all I can make are rectangles...although I made a REALLY COOL pyramid bag. Now I need to figure out how to put in a zipper....

Also, during my mad crafting spree, I decided to trim p-diz's ears (since he looked like BatDog). Unfortunately, he now looks like Yoda. Everytime I look at him, I just feel bad for him. Poor guy. He looks like a dork. *sigh* (I know, the sweater's probably not helping).

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