Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back in Action

Had a brief visit from the in-laws this weekend, which was pretty fun. Hit up Ikea and a bunch of other stores in town, including Trader Joes!

I'll put up pics, including those from the fair soon...I'm taking a lazy day today. Pdiz and i are napping on the couch, eating fruit pizza. It's a rough life, but someone's got to live it :)

I'm excited to go visit one of my new friends later this afternoon--she lives down the street!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nearly Fairtastic

Leaving on Saturday for the fair and I *cannot* wait!
SOOOOO excited. hope to see you there!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dinner Date

So, our neighbors apparently have a rib bbq about once a month that you can 'preorder' from....we have two plates of ribs coming our way Friday night!


On other news, i've been knitting my *very first* pair of socks and they're coming along nicely :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

the final frontier

check out the sweet new desk we (I) got. Also know that there's a knitting supply zone behind my chair/along the wall :)

there are still a few boxes in here to unpack. but i'm not counting them in the official box tally.
i also need to figure something out with the sewing machine. there's obviously not enough for full blown crafting zones, but i think i can make it work.
how exciting!

duh, duh, dunnhhh: MANCAVE

Beware, all ye who enter here...

Where we've been hiding some man boxes...this is the music zone. and the bar (hidden under some manly power tools).

Ahh, man-tainment: guitar, classy chair and a sweet tv.

the man himself:

(caption: why are you in here?!)

Kitchen REVAMP (part 3!)

So, a couple changes: new dishrack (hello counterspace!) and a sweet knife magnet to keep them organized and out of the way (but still accessible).

We also added a new potholder rack/shelf above the stove. I think it completely changes the look of the kitchen (for the better!)...the stove seems more of a fixture than an afterthought. Notice the cool wine rack next to the fridge!

We are soo happy with how this turned out (some of us more than others :) ).

We can see the light!!

The boxes in the livingroom are UNPACKED!!! that's right. what you will see below is the livingroom as it shall remain (ok, there may be tweaking and other shuffling about, but no more unpacking!).

Below is the new bookcase. we left the back off so you can see the sweet wall color behind. We've also relocated the couch and will have to adjust the pictures :)

Check out the added artwork and shelves! PLUS, the lamp and lights on the piano turn on when you flip a light switch! (I'm very, very proud of this fact).

The whole shebang:

The view from the kitchen. notice how it's not clutter-tastic (yet).
It feels gooooood.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

...and guess who got a haircut!

isn't he the cutest?!

psbtw: our neighbor across the street is a math teacher if I haven't mentioned that yet. YAY MATH!

Kitchen, pt 2!

Our cabinets look a bit dated, so we've decided to update the hardware. (and maybe paint. or not)
Check it out! Thoughts?
ps. i know the wall under the cabinets looks awesome. it's on the list.
Watch for more kitchen updates. we have plans!

Livingroom: now inhabitable!

Check out our nice livingroom. The boxes in the pic are the ONLY UNPACKED boxes in the house (this isn't to say that some boxes have been opened and are still lying about :) ).

We've started putting up artwork and have gotten rid of a TON of stuff!! Things are getting sorted and put away nicely. Our place is really starting to feel like a home!

Above: couch, coffee table and cool artwork. It looks really small in the picture, but i think it looks ok up close.

Check out our piano situation. Again, things are still a bit haphazard, but they're coming along!
One week till I go back for the fair--our unofficial deadline to get things done!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our Street

Still working on our yard and the front of the house....I think things will look shabby until next summer :S But, no worries, I'll still put some up as preliminary pics :)
Above is our street (shot from the bus stop). We live at the top of the hill....if our house were taller, we'd have a GREAT view of downtown....however, it's still a great neighborhood, even if our views are limited!

Monday, August 3, 2009

This is how we do bedtime

I went up to bed last night and this is what was waiting for me.
Sometimes pet ownership is just makes your heart happy :)


Ok, it doesn't look like much...but it's coming along....we've got plans in the works!

above: door leads to outside and you can go down the stairs to the man cave (photos forthcoming)

below: sink and cupboards. they're surprisingly spacious!

below: better lighting on the cupboards! (notice my sweet mixer!)

entryway to the kitchen (livingroom behind me) (percy hanging out in the doorway)

this is our table nook/eatery area. this table is really cool--it has leaves that slide picking them up, storing them etc!