Thursday, August 6, 2009

Livingroom: now inhabitable!

Check out our nice livingroom. The boxes in the pic are the ONLY UNPACKED boxes in the house (this isn't to say that some boxes have been opened and are still lying about :) ).

We've started putting up artwork and have gotten rid of a TON of stuff!! Things are getting sorted and put away nicely. Our place is really starting to feel like a home!

Above: couch, coffee table and cool artwork. It looks really small in the picture, but i think it looks ok up close.

Check out our piano situation. Again, things are still a bit haphazard, but they're coming along!
One week till I go back for the fair--our unofficial deadline to get things done!


  1. Looks amazing despite the boxes. I freaking love the color/furniture...have I mentioned that?

  2. thanks! we should be getting a bookcase tomorrow and then the boxes will be GONE (much to Juno's dismay).

    I'm sooooo happy with how everything turned out