Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nov 22

Trying something new--more frequent updates!
My goal is to post at least once a week as a way to keep a journal of my life and the happenings up here. So far, that plan has failed.

Anyway, the week looking back:

Today was fun--the choir had our big celebration/advent kickoff today. I had a lot of fun and am particularly happy that we don't have this to worry about in the later holiday season. The piece we did was challenging, but I like that my brain is being forced to go in different directions than usual. Music, particuarly when you're average, can be challenging! I feel like the other choir members are all ex-choir directors and professional musicians (while this isn't true of ALL of them, many certainly are!). But, it just gives me incentive to push myself harder. It's OK to be average among greatness I say.

Yesterday was amazing house-cleaning, fall/winter-preparation day. We insulated the attic (involving a rented truck from Lowe's, a machine that chops the insulation up and spews it all around the attic, and 20 bags of insulation!), miles vacuumed the yard (yes, that's clean up all the gunk from the machine), we cleaned the house, I INSTALLED A NEW THERMOSTAT!! (i'm really proud of that one...we now have an automatic thermostat that is on a schedule!), put up holiday lights (to be turned on in 1 week), and worked on a few items from our to-do list. Of course, the list is never-ending, but we crossed off a couple things!

I also finished a gift for tarakins, but more on that later :)

Friday, miles got back from being in Indianapolis for job training. it was good having him back. turns out i missed him!

Tues & Weds & Thurs were pretty uneventful. Ditto last Monday. I've been trying, and failing, to work ahead on classwork. However, the end is in sight! Then next semester starts!! I'm excited for the course offerings next semester, so that's fine by me. Should be a good time.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


i'm excited to spend time with family as thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday--all you do is sit around, eat good food, and talk. no stress, no shopping for gifts for everyone. just good, simple food. should be fun :)

as I'm thinking about thanksgiving, i'm thinking about all the things that are great in our lives.

we have a house (that's been re-insulated as of this AM!), jobs, i'm able to start a grad school program and focus on things that are interesting to me, and we're able to live comfortably.

now, i just need to focus on this instead of how much i *don't* want to write the FOUR papers I have coming due! we'll see how that goes. i think the temptation to complain is always there...

as promised, here's a pic of percy in his new duds.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

There IS such a thing as a free lunch!

Today there's a free lunch at the grad school, catered by a local ethnic restaurant.
Free? Local? Ethnic?

I'm in.

Monday, November 16, 2009

sucking at this whole blogging thing

funny story, for awhile I was in a blogging group just for introverts. it was boring though, b/c no one posted. i think that sums up my blogging life. i check other people's blogs daily. but my own? never. so. weird.

anyway, things are going well. just trying to make it through until thanksgiving. I promised myself I'd have at least ONE paper finished by thanksgiving, let's see if i can make good on that promise. hubs is gone over the next couple days (more on that later), so there should be ample time for homework (hahaha, doubtful...but i remain optimistic).

in other news, p-diz got a new coat for winter. pics forthcoming. i think he likes it. he gets excited when we get it out. i'm not sure if it's because we (I) keep the house kinda chilly or if he's just the weird kind of dog to just like clothes. either way, it suits my purposes.

i'm really going to try and make a concerted effort to update more. (and include photos :) )