Thursday, June 17, 2010

date ;)

had a great date night tonight--walked to a restaurant downtown. the weather was great!

ahh, summer...

YARD-phase I

As you can tell, things have been a bit busy around here! Our one-year homeownership anniversary is fast approaching (july 10) and i've been trying to get everything caught up and pretty-fied  before then. i want to host sunday night dinner in our kickass awesome yard!! Here are some photos of the in-progress renovations:

Below, the hedges and driveway just after weeding and trimming but before i edged the driveway

next is a pic of mary helping trim the bushes. mary's a lady i do the dog rescue with and she has been AWESOME! thanks to mary, i got about 90% of the plants for FREE. our yard would not be the same without her!!

mary is great because she helped THIS happen:
while it (right) doesn't look like anything exciting, this hole USED to be a big, fat bush (photo lacking, sorry). a big fat bush that didn't want to go anywhere. i bet we spent close to 10 hours trying to get it out of there!!! we finally succeeded and it's really opened up the back yard!!! i'm so pumped. thanks mary!!
then, we moved on to other yard areas. below is the flower bed hubs and i installed/created, it's still a bit rag-tag looking, but this area just had random plants sticking in the ground with crazy weeds all over. this is a MARKED improvement!! you can't really tell, but those first couple plants (lower left corner) are baby HOSTAS! i found them choked by weeds in the back and rescued them. so far they seem to be thriving in the front, which is good. you'll soon see that my love of hostas borders on unhealthy...

this is tweedle dee and tweedle dum, helping out. they also love yardwork! juno, unfortunately, is less than enthused  

finally, this is what the place looked like all spruced up:
make careful note of the amazing dr. seuss shrubs. their lifespan is limited

more updates coming! turns out i LOVE yardwork :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Yard-tastic yardification

we've been busy--i just got back from a visit to the fam after a fun-filled roadtrip down south to see NEIL YOUNG. it was a great time!

i made it back in one piece and we're now busily working on the yard, trying to turn it into something a bit classier than the big fat mess that it currently is!

i know i keep promising pictures, but my camera is not playing nicely right now...

anyway, today we broke into our neighbors' house, took their van keys, and picked up a patio set from craigslist! (well, since we have their keys and an OK to borrow the van whenever, it wasn't as exciting as i just made it sound)

our 1-year homeownership anniversary is fast approaching and i'd really like to get our yard in entertaining shape before (by) then!!!