Saturday, June 12, 2010

Yard-tastic yardification

we've been busy--i just got back from a visit to the fam after a fun-filled roadtrip down south to see NEIL YOUNG. it was a great time!

i made it back in one piece and we're now busily working on the yard, trying to turn it into something a bit classier than the big fat mess that it currently is!

i know i keep promising pictures, but my camera is not playing nicely right now...

anyway, today we broke into our neighbors' house, took their van keys, and picked up a patio set from craigslist! (well, since we have their keys and an OK to borrow the van whenever, it wasn't as exciting as i just made it sound)

our 1-year homeownership anniversary is fast approaching and i'd really like to get our yard in entertaining shape before (by) then!!!

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