Monday, February 8, 2010

a case of the mondays

so i've been really good about exercising this year (haha, ok...last month). but haven't been as great over this last week and i'm definitely starting to feel it.

i get busy, don't work out, get stressed, get busier, don't work out, etc, etc.

and now it's monday and i feel like i've gotten nothing done (which isn't true. i've just gotten zero school-stuff done).

oh well, here's to the afternoon!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


i'm going to be married again!

i've had my ring redesigned. do i have a before picture? no. of course not. oops.

but! it's coming tuesday!!!

since i've been unmarried since december, this is new and exciting for me. wahoo!

big changes coming

ahh, to be a homeowner on a saturday ;)

i'm doing homework w/the dogchildren.
miles is scraping vinyl tiles off the floor in the kitchen
the handy man is putting in a new front door (photos forthcoming).

what an exciting day :D

Monday, February 1, 2010


I keep thinking I'm going to write some awesome, insightful update, but that is just not happening.
It's amazing that I can be on here reading other blogs without the motivation to update my own!

This week, backwards:

Yesterday: skipped church and slept in. felt great! met up with a friend for lunch and played with his adorable little girl. made super-dark chocolate brownies for our dinner and had homemade pizza!

Saturday: spent the whole day on campus doing homework. Boring, but productive. Got my workout in! (although it was a bit rushed).

Friday: AMAZING concert. So fun. Very moving. More on that later!

Thursday: choir. I love choir, but it takes FOREVER!!!

Wednesday: busy, busy, busy. Not sure what happened. Other than it was a crazy day.

Tuesday: Who knows. That was a long time ago!

Monday: culture fest: great dinner and got some homework done.

This semester has been MUCH crazier and way more hectic than last semester, but also way more enjoyable in terms of content/material.

I'm hoping things will slow down a touch soon!