Monday, February 1, 2010


I keep thinking I'm going to write some awesome, insightful update, but that is just not happening.
It's amazing that I can be on here reading other blogs without the motivation to update my own!

This week, backwards:

Yesterday: skipped church and slept in. felt great! met up with a friend for lunch and played with his adorable little girl. made super-dark chocolate brownies for our dinner and had homemade pizza!

Saturday: spent the whole day on campus doing homework. Boring, but productive. Got my workout in! (although it was a bit rushed).

Friday: AMAZING concert. So fun. Very moving. More on that later!

Thursday: choir. I love choir, but it takes FOREVER!!!

Wednesday: busy, busy, busy. Not sure what happened. Other than it was a crazy day.

Tuesday: Who knows. That was a long time ago!

Monday: culture fest: great dinner and got some homework done.

This semester has been MUCH crazier and way more hectic than last semester, but also way more enjoyable in terms of content/material.

I'm hoping things will slow down a touch soon!

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