Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Here's our crazy bathroom. It's a bit intense, although some of the punch hasn't quite been captured in these pics. Imagine it a bit more orange and less drab.

NOTICE the floor. Handcrafted by miles and i. (a mental breakdown may have occurred in the process...)

However, don't look too closely.
Also, sorry it's sideways. I tried to fix it once and it didn't work. you can just tilt your head, right?


This is what our room looks like (obviously, it could have used some staging...and I really don't like the lamp in the corner, but oh well).

I'm standing in the doorway and this is how the room is set up: bed in corner diagonally

To the left. Dresser and window
To the right: (miles' closet (our closest are soooo small. they're one per person ;))

You'll notice rooms aren't overly spacious here...they're just big enough. BUT. that's fine by me.

Photos of the mancave to come. And also the kitchen!

Livingroom ...with furniture!

Ok, this is what the living room looks like--as you can see, there are still boxes all over, but we're working on them. they're the last of the boxes!!!
I'm standing in the from this perspective, to the right (past the closest stack of boxes) is the hall and to the left is the other half of the living room (below) and then the front door. Directly behind me is the kitchen.

This is the other half of the livingroom. Notice the stack-o-empty boxes on the front porch!

also, check out our sweet rug! (and furniture, assembled by yours truly!)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Juno LOVES moving!

So, this is what our living room looked like shortly after moving in (yes, it was pretty crazy). As you can see, Juno particularly enjoyed her extra-special hangout spot ;)


Hi everyone!! Welcome to my blog :)

I'll be periodically posting new pictures of our house and life up here so you can check them out whenever and not have to get an inbox clogged with photos!!

Hope all is well, enjoy!

Monday, July 27, 2009

office & bedrooms (before & after!)

this is the before of the office and bedroom (pretty much identical: white paint, dirty beige carpet)

and THESE are the after photos! notice the great use of color :) i promise it's not that overwhelming in person!

And here's the after: 

House: Before (living room)

I think the easiest way to send/post all the pictures of our place is to just put them on here. ENJOY!

This is the livingroom before

(this is miles in the way. thanks, miles)

this is the living room semi-after:

notice the BEAUTIFUL floors miles worked on (they were already pretty nice, as you can see...all we did was some surface sanding and a couple coats of poly!)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

back again

We've moved, bought a place, renovated/facelifted our new house, moved, and are surrounded by boxes. I've lost my camera cord, so no photos quite yet...however, it should be pretty awesome.

I've started thinking about knitting for xmas, but that's on a back burner.

Also, plans to head back for THE FAIR next month. Can't wait!