Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Livingroom ...with furniture!

Ok, this is what the living room looks like--as you can see, there are still boxes all over, but we're working on them. they're the last of the boxes!!!
I'm standing in the from this perspective, to the right (past the closest stack of boxes) is the hall and to the left is the other half of the living room (below) and then the front door. Directly behind me is the kitchen.

This is the other half of the livingroom. Notice the stack-o-empty boxes on the front porch!

also, check out our sweet rug! (and furniture, assembled by yours truly!)


  1. holy crap. I love your furniture...and especially the rug! IKEA rocks.

  2. ok. it's probably lame that i'm commenting on every comment..BUT i also love our furniture! hannah and i almost got a runner to go along the hall, but then we saw this beauty and it was on SALE!!!