Wednesday, July 29, 2009


This is what our room looks like (obviously, it could have used some staging...and I really don't like the lamp in the corner, but oh well).

I'm standing in the doorway and this is how the room is set up: bed in corner diagonally

To the left. Dresser and window
To the right: (miles' closet (our closest are soooo small. they're one per person ;))

You'll notice rooms aren't overly spacious here...they're just big enough. BUT. that's fine by me.

Photos of the mancave to come. And also the kitchen!


  1. This looks exactly like your previous bedroom (only bluer) there a bathroom in the corner to the right? ;-)

  2. haha. miles did the layout....he reallllyyyyyy likes diagonal rooms. he wanted to do the livingroom diagonally as well...but i said no. i like SOME diagonality (word??) in my life, but not THAT much....