Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Here's our crazy bathroom. It's a bit intense, although some of the punch hasn't quite been captured in these pics. Imagine it a bit more orange and less drab.

NOTICE the floor. Handcrafted by miles and i. (a mental breakdown may have occurred in the process...)

However, don't look too closely.
Also, sorry it's sideways. I tried to fix it once and it didn't work. you can just tilt your head, right?


  1. LOVE the orange. I've been really into orange lately for some reason.

  2. me too! most of the colors we've used in the house aren't ones i typically use, but i really like them (the bath is still a bit intense for such a small space, but i'm ok with it. i want to get a cabinet for over the toilet and paint the wood white (the stain looks really cheap/bad i think, although everything's decent quality). with the extra white, i think it will look TONS better. and if we get around to putting trim of some sort up. i'm not touching tiles for awhile though.