Saturday, November 21, 2009


i'm excited to spend time with family as thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday--all you do is sit around, eat good food, and talk. no stress, no shopping for gifts for everyone. just good, simple food. should be fun :)

as I'm thinking about thanksgiving, i'm thinking about all the things that are great in our lives.

we have a house (that's been re-insulated as of this AM!), jobs, i'm able to start a grad school program and focus on things that are interesting to me, and we're able to live comfortably.

now, i just need to focus on this instead of how much i *don't* want to write the FOUR papers I have coming due! we'll see how that goes. i think the temptation to complain is always there...

as promised, here's a pic of percy in his new duds.

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