Sunday, January 10, 2010

Another Glorious Week

This week was exciting for all sorts of reasons:

1. Classes started.
2. We got a new foster puppy! (well, dog)
3. We had a great dinner with our neighbor friends

While they each hold their own fun-ness, you can obviously tell which I find the most thrilling.
However, I'll start at the beginning:

Classes were good this week. I'm still struggling as I'm not sure I feel like I'm on the right path for me right now, but I'm hoping to make it through. I think this degree will be useful in the end...I'm just not sure where it will take me!

More on the puppy in the next post.

Dinner was great! It turns out we have neighbors who are funny and good cooks. We had great food AND a chocolate-chip-coconut cake (from this month's gourmet magazine, I think she said). It was awesome. We met a stay-at-home dad who lives down the street and is really funny. I love clever neighbors. We also learned that we have many stay-at-home men/dads in our neighborhood...This makes me feel very safe because I'm sure they're all watching protectively over our little block. When I met the neighbor, he asked if he'd met me before b/c I looked familiar. I told him I walked downtown/to the bus and he said that's where he recognized me from! I'm choosing to interpret this as awesome and not weird that some/all of our neighbors spend their time scoping out the neighbors to see who's walking outside/whatever.

BED: oh. my. god. I need to get a picture of it. We went from a full to a KING. It pretty much takes over our bedroom. And I love it. One of us is a sweaty, bed-hogging beast at night and it will be so great for the other one to finally have some personal space! YES! Plus, there's a great story to go with its arrival:

we went to a mattress superstore where the dude was rude and completely unhelpful. regardless, we bought the bed. however, when i called to schedule our delivery time, he told me that he couldn't predict what time they would bring it by tomorrow. he said the delivery guys would call and give us a one-hour warning...and that we'd have to pay for an extra delivery if they came by and we weren't here. since we work/go to school, it's hard to think of a time when i have four hours during which i will be home before THREE PM.

i was pissed, but whatever. then i thought about it and thought, f*** this. I should have bought locally and this customer service is AWFUL. so, i called the guy back and told him that we were going to buy from somewhere with better customer service and that we wanted to cancel our order. we bought a mattress from a local mom-and-pop store that was cheaper AND had same-day delivery! i'm SO happy we switched! i'll let you know how our first night of sleep goes :)

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