Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Xmas w/the fams!

We made it back to see the fam and are already back home!

It was great to see everyone, but it's also great to be home and to have a bit of a break! Our trip back was a bit of a whirlwind tour--since our parents are divorced on both sides and we only had five days, each parent got one day with an extra day for travel. I got most loved ones squeezed in on this trip, but hope to get back again next year (for the fair, perhaps??) before the holidays.

We had a great time with the in-laws. This year, christmas coincidentally fell on grandparent audition day--miles' cousin needed a babysitter in a pinch so MIL volunteered to watch 3yr (4? I'm pretty sure he was 3) Ethan, who was a total doll.

We quickly put him to work passing out, then helping us open, all the gifts.

He helped me open my birthday gift as well!
Favorite quote of the night, (sharon), "I don't know if you've noticed, but MIL would make a very good grandmother....and I'm getting older and would like to be a great grandmother never know if my next fall will be my last!". I like all all pretense of subtlety has faded. My FIL, on the other hand, instructed us to decorate our home with the avoid the stork coasters from the bar. I think between the sides we got a measured perspective, although I'm not sure how both parties will up the ante for the next holiday season!

Then Sharon gave me a sweet snuggie to do some studying in. I'm pretty excited to break it out.

Jas and I had a couple hours, and some tacos :), together. It was great that our trips back overlapped. Love you Jas!

We hung out at lunch, then at my dad's place, where he got to open some of his presents a bit early. I really like snapping inappropriate candids of people when they don't know I'm taking their pictures. My dad, however, is NEVER surprised. It doesn't matter how sneaky I am, he always poses! He's so good. It was nice seeing him, and we're hoping he'll come to visit before we move again in 5 years. (He needs a bit of lead time).

Before seeing my dad and jas, we had xmas with the boys. (I forget that the photos always upload in the opposite order you select them, so we're moving backwards)

Some indivdiduals, ahem *ballerina*, enjoy mucking up photos. I finally got one decent-ish one, but when I asked them to pose nicely, this is what I got. Jerks.
Oh well, I think this pretty much sums them up.

Speaking of people who easily tire of photos....can you tell who's slightly tired of me following him around? I think I may have interrupted a saber battle at this point and had to quickly scoot out of the way.

Andrew, however, is much more tolerant of photographic opportunities.
And, he looks more and more like his dad everyday! (sorry christobel, i meant to get a group photo and totally forgot!)....however there is a pic of all of us on your camera that i'd LOVE for you to send to me!!

In all, we had a great time back and we miss you all. However, it is nice to have our own xmas thing up here as well :)

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