Monday, December 7, 2009

Fun Weekend Before My Impending Doom

So this weekend was amazing! We went and chopped down a tree...and by 'we' I mean I chopped down a tree! The place was very dog friendly and just a lot of fun. They give you a little hand-cart-turned-wagony thing to pull behind you--I momentarily thought about having Percy ride in it, but I didn't think he would enjoy that experience.

Otherwise, the weekend wasn't too exciting beyond our putting-up-the-tree experience: we bought a tree and miles bought a 'tree bag' for it--since the person in line told him to buy it. so, he buys the bag, and then you have to put the tree IN the bag and then in the tree stand. so, we do that and then decide that it isn't going to work because how will we water the tree? i ripped enough of the bag to poke the tree through the bottom so it can get water. miles goes to get a pitcher and fill the base up. he wasn't paying attention to what he was doing and is just pouring away. suddenly, he hears a weird splash. he thinks to himself how odd that splash sounded and, of course, kept pouring water. only THEN does he realize that he's actually been pouring water into the bag and overflowing the base! so, now our floor and the bag are covered in water and pine tree needles. *sigh* it was hilarious in an i-cant-believe-you-are-nanie sort of way. ahh, marriage :)

Now, it's the end of the semester and the stress is ON! I have three more papers to write and none of them are in any condition to show to others. AND only EIGHT DAYS until we head back to visit the fam. YIKES. Better get rolling on this one...

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