Friday, November 21, 2008

knit knit knit

oh, ps by the way, knitting is coming along nicely.

Huz bought me this for my bday, and I'm pretty pumped. I can now knit just about ANYTHING!!

gifts: brothers, WIP
mom, need to start
sis, DONE
hizuz, need to start
dad, beer, done :)
stepd, done
stepm, 1/2 done. gauntlets maybe?
ball, yet to begin. too ambitious??
sil, haircut, done.
bil, idk. hmmmm
stepfil, DONE
stepbil, DONE
fil, DONE
mil, hmm. thinking.
old bro, idk
sil, idk
nephews, ihnfi!!

darn. i have some work to do...

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