Monday, November 3, 2008


Am turning in my fellowship app tomorrow. Good riddance!
Now, on to the writing sample!!

My work companion decided to not come in today--I'm a bit jealous, but appreciative of the peace and quiet in which I am now working :) --and I've gotten quite a bit done. I started my WS for (what must be) the 15th time last night and have nearly 3 single-spaced size 11 font pages with 1" margins. My goal is 12-15 pages double spaced, size 12. (I would love 15, but am willing to settle on 12.)

Goals for this week:
today: NSF, WS
Tues: WS (5 pg ss, sz 11)
Weds: WS (6 pg ss, sz 11)
Thurs: revise WS
Fri: Huz revise WS
Sat: Phil prof revise WS, praise my insight (haha)
Sun: get frustrated and rewrite large portion of WS
... Sat: final version to Phil Prof

I'm not sure why writing this thing has been so painful. I've spent most of my summer/fall being frustrated at myself for my failure to produce clear writing that puts forth ideas. However, now I just need something to send places. Preferably something that doesn't make me look like a blathering idiot, although at this point, I can't be too picky.

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